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Multimedia, Virtual Reality, and More.

Virtual Reality 360 Films and Photos


We can capture 360 VR footage at up 16K 10-bit resolution with our custom rig, or film 8K 10-bit with our smaller self-contained camera, including underwater. 

The high resolution capturing techniques means this footage can be tailored for multiple purposes from immersive VR presentations, to dome projections, or projection-mapped displays.

Virtual Reality

Gigapixel Still Images 

 With our high-end stills cameras and a nodal adjustable tripod setup we can create super-high resolution images of almost any size for full-wall prints that still look sharp up close.

CCH Airport Antz Antarctica Photo.jpeg



Using stills cameras or drones, or a combination of the two. We can create virtual 3D models of buildings, landscapes, or pretty much any object of any size. This is great for historical documentation, surveying work, tracking changes over time, education outreach, and more.

Sound Recording


Fully set up for various types of sound recording to enhance productions.

Sound booth for voice-over recording.

Ambisonic multi-channel virtual reality audio recording.

Hydrophones / underwater microphones.

Contact microphones for recording sounds directly from solid objects.


Photo Printing


We can print archive-quality photos on site up to A2 size (420mm x 594mm) and mount them on a foam backing board ready for framing.

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