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Live Streaming

Affordable professional multi camera live streaming and recording for weddings, funerals, public lectures, corporate events, product demos, vodcasts, podcasts and more.

Our portable studio unit can seamlessly switch up to 4 cameras or video sources, simultaneously record Pro-Res video and livestream HD video to the platform of your choice, with the option to record high quality 4K UHD files from all cameras to use later. It also supports the use of picture-in-picture and greenscreen backgrounds if interaction with images or a Power Point presentation is needed for "Weather Presenter" type interactions.

A small studio space is available in Kaiapoi if you want to simply start a live broadcast, or record a podcast or vodcast to upload later without all the setup time.

Prices start as low as $240+GST for a studio session, and $480+GST for a mobile setup.

Contact us for detailed pricing options for your event.  

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