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Our Story

Antzworks is the production company of Anthony Powell, a multi-media filmmaker, photographer, camera equipment builder, and consultant who specialises in all things Antarctica, as well as working on other projects in New Zealand and around the world.

He has had his footage appear in numerous exhibits, TV shows, films, and magazines, including the New York Natural History Museum, International Antarctic Centre, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney, and was featured in BBC's Frozen Planet series. The Frozen Planet team won an Emmy Award for photography.

His debut feature film “Antarctica: A Year On Ice” won more than 20 international film awards including Best Documentary at the Calgary and Orlando International Film Festivals, Best Documentary Cinematography at the New Zealand Film Awards, People's Choice Best Film at the Scottsdale and Prescott Film Festivals, and many more. It can be streamed via Amazon Prime in most countries.


He grew up on a farm in Taranaki, New Zealand. He worked for many years as a Communications Tech and Satellite Engineer in Antarctica for both New Zealand's Scott Base and McMurdo Station which is run by the United States National Science Foundation, before transitioning to becoming a full-time filmmaker for the last 10 years

He married his wife Christine in Antarctica in 2003.

Christine is from Orange County California; she was working at the nearby McMurdo Station while he was still working at Scott Base. Christine has a background in graphic design. They have now cumulatively spent over 20 years physically in Antarctica. Anthony has spent 10 winters there, and Christine 9, when the bases endure months of unending darkness.

Over the years Anthony has had to use his technical background to design and build many camera systems that can still function in the extreme cold of the Antarctic winter. He has also assisted researchers by creating specialised camera systems for them.

Anthony and Christine Powell South Pole.
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